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Caring for the environment and the poor – Biblically. Imagine … one million Christians standing together to shed Biblical light on one of the biggest cultural issues of our day … Honoring our Lord Jesus Christ as creator and sustainer of this wondrous world … And impacting the lives of millions of the poorest people here and around the globe. That’s what the WeGetIt.org campaign is all about!

These days, lots of people are talking about environmental issues – and especially global warming. 

Some say that to be a good steward of God’s creation, you must be convinced that human activities caused most of the very slight warming of the last 150 years, that global warming is likely to be catastrophic, and that stopping it requires drastic government action.

But is all that true?  And if not, what kind of impact would global warming policies have on the people who can afford it the least – namely the poor here and around the world?

It is because of crucial questions like these that our environmental stewardship must not be based on mere emotions, or media hype – but on firm Biblical principles and solid scientific and economic facts.

    1. As Bible-believing Christians, we must understand that we don’t have to choose between caring for people or nature – that in God’s wise design, lifting people out of poverty and helping them fulfill their God-given potential as producers and stewards not only assists the poor but is the best thing we can do for the environment as well.
    2. We must recognize that a growing number of leading experts challenge the supposed “consensus” about dangerous man-made global warming, and that evidence of natural, cyclical climate change continues to mount.
    3. We must foresee the devastating impacts that skyrocketing costs for food, energy, and other essential needs will have on the poor, and how they can lock millions of our neighbors in the developing world into generations of grinding poverty, disease, and early death.

That’s why a national campaign has been launched by Christian leaders, churches, and organizations around a simple statement called the WeGetIt.org Declaration. 

Through this statement, Christians can stand together for genuine Biblical stewardship and in defense of the poor. It isn’t about whether we care. It’s about how we care.

Sign the WeGetIt.org Declaration, and tell our leaders, “We Get It!”

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