What Can I Do?

Good stewardship starts with you, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are three steps you can take right now:

    • Pray – Ask God to give you and other Christians a heart to take our stewardship responsibility seriously and to care for our fellow man.
    • Take Action – Sign the WeGetIt.org declaration, and ask your friends to join you.
    • Send an email
      opy and paste the following text into an email message:

Subject:   Join me in helping the environment and the poor, Biblically!

Hello friend,

I just endorsed a great new statement called the “We Get It!” declaration, and I think it speaks for you, too.

It says exactly what you and I believe about how Christians need to be concerned about environmental stewardship and poverty – but without all the alarmist hype about things like dangerous man-made global warming.

I’m asking you to consider adding your name by visiting:  www.WeGetIt.org.

Chuck Colson and James Dobson have signed it. So have thousands of pastors, theologians, senators, congressmen, and others – with the goal of getting ONE MILLION Christians on board.

I get it. I hope you’ll get it too!

P.S. There’s a great 3-minute video on the site that I know you’ll enjoy.

  • Post the video on your web site

  • Share it on Facebook
  • Get Involved – Educate yourself about what’s at stake, then take some simple steps to make wise stewardship part of your lifestyle.

Wondering how your church or small group can make a difference?

  • Bring in a speaker to teach your congregation about sound Biblical stewardship.
  • Conduct a Bible study examining scriptures which concern stewardship.
  • Organize a group from your church to partner with people in lower income communities to remove trash and debris from their neighborhoods where children live and play – and work to ensure that the areas stay clean. This is a great avenue for evangelistic outreach!
  • Participate in a missions project to help bring development to impoverished communities overseas, and encourage your church to undertake long-term relationships that combine evangelism, pastoral training, church planting, economic development, and environmental restoration and protection.
  • Establish a collection center at your church for old computers and other electronic equipment, which can then be recycled and refurbished for reuse.
  • Partner with organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Adopt a Highway, Adopt a River, Keep America Beautiful, or other local civic organizations to take part in local trash and litter pickup campaigns.
  • Construct bird houses in partnership with organizations such as the North American Bluebird Society or Hummingbird Society.
  • Help plant and restore threatened tree species with the Elm Research Institute, American Chestnut Foundation, or Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count to help wildlife officials monitor and track bird species.
  • Partner with organizations such as Ducks Unlimited to restore wetland habitats for migratory fowl, or with the Mule Deer Foundation or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to assist with emergency winter feeds of mule deer and elk.
  • Recruit members of your church to volunteer to work with organizations such as Emergency Animal Rescue to save animals caught in natural disasters and other life threatening situations.